Our Process

While each deal possesses it own unique needs, the following are core activities we perform in order to ensure our client companies capitalize on available windows of opportunity and realize their full market potential:


We utilize proprietary methodologies to design and deploy proven strategies that produce results, every time. Our strategy work is centered on verified market demand and heavily leverages industry expertise and best practices.


After the strategy groundwork has been laid we determine the capital needs. Our philosophy is to never take outside capital except when absolutely necessary to achieve growth objectives. When growth capital is required, we invest, co-invest, or assist in the raising of funds as needed.


We evaluate what is missing to execute (key personnel, resources, strategic partners, etc.) and then fill in the missing pieces.


We participate in a variety of ways: ranging from board level activity to intensive interim executive work – whatever is necessary to get the job done.


We enter every deal with a clear plan of exit and initiate the necessary relationships at the start of our activities to ensure our client companies are not dependent on our services.

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” – Babe Ruth